Mother & Baby Homes

Mother & Baby Homes

The Commission of Investigation into Mother and Baby Homes was established by the Government in 2015 with the objective of providing a full account of what happened to women and children in Mother and Baby Home Institutions during the period 1922 – 1998. 

The final report of the Commission of Investigation was published six years later in 2021. The report has been controversial, in the context of its inclusions/exclusions and conclusions. It is believed that there were about 56,000 women and 57,000 children in the Mother & Baby Homes during that period of time.

The Cabinet is set to consider proposals on redress for survivors of Mother and Baby Homes. The Children’s Minister, Roderic O’Gorman has indicated that it is likely that applications to the Mother and Baby Home Redress Scheme will not open until 2022.

The detail in relation to the Redress Scheme is awaited. Nonetheless, it is likely that some or all or a combination of the following factors will be considered in determining the level of compensation for the survivors of Mother and Baby Homes:

The institutions investigated by the Commission were: 

The County Houses investigated by the Commission were: 

It is possible that this list will be expanded when the Redress Scheme is established.

It is not as yet known to what extent the Redress Scheme to be established will be influenced by the calls of some survivors for the Scheme to also include access to medical care, counselling, housing supports, a national day of remembrance, memorials at the sites of former institutions and a national archive.

If you would like to make and enquiry on your own behalf or on behalf of another person in relation to the Redress Scheme, please email us directly or call us at 063 30759. As with all our work, any enquiry will be treated in the strictest confidence